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Audiobooks have become the standard reading format for individuals with vision impairments, dyslexia, commuters, and others, with their usage significantly growing in recent years; the goal is to increase the availability of high-quality free audiobooks, thereby enhancing the accessibility to culture for everybody. The project aims at both producing and distributing them through QR code-enabled posters that we will provide for free to schools, public libraries, and youth centres.

The project aims to enhance accessibility to literature, particularly for individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia, commuters, and foreign language students, by increasing the availability of high-quality audiobooks on, a prominent platform in disseminating Italian culture., established 28 years ago, offers over 4000 copyright-free digital books downloadable for free globally, with monthly unique website visitors exceeding 100,000, showcasing a diverse range of literary genres and formats.

While approximately a hundred of these titles offer free audio files, production constraints hinder audiobook growth. The Libro Parlato project aims to invest in producing audiobooks, prioritising short texts and popular titles, distributing them freely online and through QR code-enabled posters provided to educational institutions, public libraries, and youth centres for broader accessibility, aiming to facilitate free audiobook access to all.

These posters, similar to the ones already distributed for similar projects (see pictures), will feature QR codes enabling easy access to audiobooks, thus promoting literacy and cultural engagement.

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