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Museum Without Barriers

Dhemetra Foundation
The Museum Without Barriers project at the Museum of Mitrovica is a transformative initiative aimed at addressing accessibility deficits, particularly for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing. The project focuses on implementing a comprehensive communication strategy, integrating adaptive technologies, collaborating with local deaf communities, incorporating QR codes and raising public awareness.

The goal of the Dhemetra Foundation is the identification, protection, and promotion of the cultural heritage of the country, with a particular emphasis on the region of Mitrovica. Is on a mission to promote education programs and social inclusiveness at the Museum of Mitrovica for all communities, as exemplified by its commitment to the Museums Without Barriers project. With a specialised focus on the Mitrovica region, the foundation aims to break down barriers and ensure inclusivity in cultural experiences.

This initiative fosters an environment where individuals, including those with disabilities, can actively participate and derive meaningful experiences from the rich cultural offerings. The "Museum Without Barriers" project, an integral part of this mission, addresses the accessibility deficit faced by the Museum of Mitrovica and other cultural institutions in Kosovo. Specifically targeting communication barriers for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing, the project enhances accessibility to create an inclusive and welcoming space.

Through the integration of QR codes, television displays, and sign language narratives, the Museum Without Barriers project not only eliminates communication obstacles but also provides a technologically enriched and inclusive experience.

This ensures that individuals with hearing impairments can fully immerse themselves in the diverse cultural and historical content offered by the Museum of Mitrovica.

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