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Music Connects (Hudba Spája 2024)

Women of Spiš (Ženy Spiša)

Project Music connects wants to be a festival of talented young people regardless of nationality and religion that want to show their talent to all people. In our region we want to increase our sense for classical music . We want to create a festival of all kinds of arts : music, dance, ballet, theatre, and singing where young students of conservatory, high music school can promote their talent and have the possibility to perform on stage and thus gain experiences.

Music Connection wants to be a festival of talented young people. Place where all talented people regardless of nationality or religion can promote their talent and can be in touch with the audience. We want to connect professionals with students by workshops and concerts. The students can learn in workshops from professionals. Concerts of students will be presented in concert halls as theatre or churches or in the open air.

Project Music connects, since Bach to Jazz, was launched last year in June 2023. It was multi- genre concert where talented professionals, also from marginalism groups (teachers in the Arte school, professional performers,..) stood on the one podium. This year the project Music connects will be divided in 2 days (29. - 30. June 2024) .On 29th June will be workshops of opera singing led by professional opera singer Peter Kellner for students of singing and improvisations in violin led by professional violinist Gabriel Silvay for students of violin and viola. At the end of the day , students will perform their art on the stage in front of an audience.

On 30 June will be a Concert called Classic music without borders - where will perform professionals from marginalised groups as Ukrainian, Gipsy, Rusinians . In the current digital age, direct contact with art, direct experience, direct experience is necessary, because only in this way can art be distinguished from the ballast of which there is a lot on the Internet.

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