European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

"My Name is Luka"

CIDE,Community Initiatives for Social Ecology
Through a successful fundraising campaign, a group of art enthusiasts and I conducted a tour offering interactive musical workshops. During these workshops, I performed songs and encouraged audience participation. I aim to expand this program and tour again in the summer of 2024.

I, Luka, will turn 25 in August. Despite living with Autism, I find happiness in meaningful social interactions and physical activities. Supported by my father, Daniel, I express my thoughts and aspirations.

Originally from England, I have resided in County Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland, since the age of 4. As a child, I exhibited delayed development but eventually learned to walk, talk, and express my fascination with movement, numbers, and spinning objects. Attending St. Patrick's Special School in Kilkenny, I discovered my passion for singing during a school performance.

This ignited my dream of participating in concert performances. Last year, I embarked on my first tour, where audience members could join me in singing and playing instruments. I seek to extend this tour to create more inclusive narratives and foster connections within communities.

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