European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

Open Doors: Cultural Diversity for All

Municipal institution "Central building of folk creativity and leisure" of the Kelmenets settlement council of the Dnistrovsky district of the Chernivtsi region

Creating an inclusive cultural environment for the accessibility of different population groups: - expanding access to cultural events for people with different needs through online broadcasting; - the development of inclusive cultural programs that promote the participation of people with disabilities, migrants, the elderly and others. Thanks to the project, a cultural environment will be created where everyone will feel needed, regardless of their individual characteristics or needs.

Creating an inclusive cultural environment where everyone can freely participate in cultural activities, regardless of geographic location, physical limitations, or economic status. The project is based on the idea of online broadcasts of cultural events, which will be available for viewing in real time or later in a recording. 

Main areas of activity: - through online broadcasts, ensuring the availability of cultural events for everyone, regardless of their place of residence. Anyone with internet access will be able to enjoy cultural events.

- Ensuring the accessibility of watching programs by playing them using multimedia projectors and screens in places (village houses of culture, squares, houses of culture, schools, hospitals, etc.) where people with special needs live (disabled, sick, elderly etc).

- The platform will offer a wide range of cultural events, from concerts and exhibitions to lectures and workshops, which will reflect the diversity of cultural traditions and identities.

- Creating an opportunity for interaction and communication between the participants of the broadcast, which will facilitate the exchange of thoughts, experiences and ideas.

- Support and development of creativity of various population groups by organising special creative contests, challenges and projects. 

The goal is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can freely express themselves and enjoy culture anytime, anywhere.

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