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Pegasus - Art Therapy Centre

The Public organisation "Centaur UA"

We want to create a centre for psycho-emotional recovery, which will help Ukrainian citizens to fight stress and depression with the help of art therapy.

The war in Ukraine has greatly affected the mental health of Ukrainians. Stress and anxiety have become the companions of every citizen. And every third resident of the country suffers from depression. And the depressed state of citizens affects social activity in the country as a whole.

Art is a powerful tool in the fight against stress, depression and other mental disorders. That is why we are planning to create the Pegasus Art Therapy Centre. In our centre through art and with the help of a qualified psychologist we will be able to help our visitors to improve their mental health and inspire them to develop their creative potential. Here our guests will be able to choose any art direction that is closer to their heart and create their own small creative project, to convey their pain, experiences and healing through art.

Art directions we plan to work with: acting, directing, photography, modelling, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, drawing, painting, poetry, prose, cos-play, handmade and others.

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