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Playing Music to Remove Social Barriers

The Door
For over 18 years, The Door NGO has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative in the Balkans: the Musical Band for People with Mental Health Issues. Through the power of music and wind instruments, this project has transformed lives, demonstrating the potential for social inclusion and empowerment. By engaging systematically with individuals facing mental health challenges, the program not only fosters personal growth but also fosters community acceptance, diminishing social stigma in the process.

Many people wrongly think that those with mental health problems can't be part of society like everyone else. But our musical band has shown that's not true. We need more services like ours to prove this and help those with mental health issues.

Our social-cultural service of the Musical band has shown over the years that such beliefs are wrong and we need to create and promote as many social services as possible that prove the opposite. Specifically Musical Band of The Door Albania, is a model of hope for all categories of people who suffer from mental health problems. It is a service that shows the good group cooperation skills that this target group has, as well as the limitless talents they possess in the field of art with which they can express their entire emotional world.

Music is a universal language that unites all of us and precisely through its power the group of people with mental health problems can manage to show what they are capable of, if the rest of society supports them with a little trust and kindness.Inspired by the 18-year experience of the Musical Band TDA for people with disabilities, the organisation's staff through this project they will spread the positive model of working with persons with disabilities in the region.

The specific objective is:To organise 2 concerts in Pristina-Kosovo and in Ulcinj-Montenegro for the community of these two regions,to promote the positive model of social and artistic inclusion with disabled people through the year 2024.

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