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Real stories. Real change is a methodology developed by Film and Tell to drive positive measurable social change through high-quality documentary films, extensive outreach, and fact-based advocacy. We use the power of a real story combined with creative and effective dissemination work to raise awareness and stimulate dialogue regarding topical social issues.

Within this project, we will use this methodology to promote inclusive narratives focused on childhood/teenage cancer survivors.

IT’S NOT OVER WHEN IT’S OVER The Association Film and Tell in collaboration with the Childhood Cancer Foundation Sweden is running an initiative aimed at raising awareness regarding the lives of childhood/teenage cancer survivors in the aftermath of their treatment. Currently, there are roughly half a million childhood cancer survivors in Europe, and 35 000 children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer every year.

Over the past 30 years, medical technology, treatments, and supportive care have improved. As a result, more than 80% of children treated for cancer survive and enter a new challenging phase - growing independent and living a normal life. But they are at risk of long-term side effects, called ”late effects” related to their previous treatments. Finding a job, continuing education, or starting relationships can require a new kind of effort and strength.

The project consists in the development of two observational documentary films that document the lives of young adults who have survived a deadly condition during their formative years. “Aana, Ci & Julia” is a story about processing trauma and overcoming survivors’ guilt after the passing of a peer. “Vanessa”, the sister film, explores the day-to-day difficulties of living with the long-term side effects of a cancer treatment, for a young adult. Used jointly in the outreach phase, the films aim to increase health literacy through inclusive narratives and promote support measures for this vulnerable group.

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