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Relay of Youth

Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Dance Theatre Ljubljana)
Project aims to break down barriers between young dancers and seniors, integrating them into the realm of contemporary dance from which seniors are typically excluded. They will be able to experience the magic of inclusive dance workshops where young professionals and seniors up to 80 collaborate, share stories, and create together. Guided by experienced mentors, participants explore movement, build connections, and prepare for a public performance celebrating unity in diversity.

The project is based on dance workshops for seniors. The participants will span a wide age range, including senior participants up to the age of 80. The workshops are an extension of the regular weekly classes (BUILD-UP) offered by PTL. Five years ago, PTL offered workshops specifically tailored for elderly citizens to promote a healthy lifestyle. Both initiatives proved to be greatly needed and cherished by all involved people. Over the years, a robust group of approximately fourteen participants has formed. All participants share a profound desire to move and have become a strong community that seeks challenges despite their age.

Over the last two years, the group has expressed a strong desire to perform together. And that’s when our new project begins. Throughout April and May, mentors from PTL will conduct classes and workshops which lead to a final performance.

This collaboration aims to allow senior citizens to exchange experiences and energy with younger dancers. This is particularly important because seniors, due to age and prejudice regarding body capacity, are excluded from contemporary dance, which often imposes age limitations. The group of seniors will be able to fulfil their desire to perform. A public performance is scheduled for May 25th.

The project will enhance the inclusion and well-being of seniors in Ljubljana. It will improve their visibility and integration with the younger members of the dance community.

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