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Rhizovention 2024

Rhizomatic Circus

The Rhizovention is a contemporary circus convention taking place from 19-23 of June 2024 in Drosendorf, Austria. It offers workshops on diverse circus disciplines, show creation, political topics and the basics of Austrian Sign Language. The program features a concert, a parade and a public show. Welcoming both amateurs and professionals, it fosters creative exchange, connections and growth in the emerging art scene considering socio-political and ecological aspects.

The Rhizovention is a contemporary circus convention taking place for the fourth consecutive year in Drosendorf in the Waldviertel region of Austria. Throughout the event, attendees participate in workshop sessions on various circus disciplines such as aerial acrobatics, juggling and clowning. Moreover participants can join show creation workshops, where collaborative artistic scenes are created for the public show in the impressive circus tent.

Alongside circus activities, the program includes a concert, a parade and workshops on political topics. Morning sessions teach the basics of Austrian Sign Language to promote multilingualism and inclusion. With this diverse program we aim to create a space where everyone feels empowered to participate and express themselves freely. The Rhizovention thrives on its ecological, collaborative and mindful atmosphere. The convention’s values are reflected in its vegan and organic catering, childcare services and an on site awareness team.

We aim to remove barriers that may hinder participation, ensuring that individuals of all ages and backgrounds can participate. To ensure inclusion, specific invitations are extended to minority groups and relevant associations, such as feminist groups, are contacted. The convention welcomes both amateurs and professionals, fostering a space for learning and artistic exchange, thereby supporting the growth of the emerging art scene with a strong emphasis on inclusion.

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