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Scenic Experiences: A Collective Approach with the Deaf Community

Ça marche

Seeking to foster inclusion and social change through artistic avenues, our project in Barcelona aims to cultivate community culture. Through various workshops in theatre, dance, and music (incorporating vibration), we strive to forge partnerships with diverse Deaf communities across the city's socio-cultural landscape. These sessions will serve not only as platforms for artistic exploration but also as forums for active engagement.

With the aim of promoting inclusion and social transformation through artistic expression, we request a grant for our community culture project in Barcelona. Through theatre, dance and music (using vibration) workshops, we seek to establish collaborations with different groups of Deaf individuals within the city's socio-cultural fabric.

These workshops not only offer artistic tools but also act as a forum for active participation, allowing us to receive feedback on how to integrate the perspectives of non-professionals and, in some cases, individuals at risk of social exclusion. With a history of collaboration with children, teenagers, and older adults, we aim to expand our work to new collectives, with a particular focus on the Deaf community.

This initiative will promote social inclusion through art, contributing to the cohesion of different population sectors and providing a creative platform for citizen participation. Through this project, we establish a unique platform for artistic co-creation with various Deaf groups in Barcelona. Through theatre, dance and music activities, as well as planned talks and discussions throughout the years 2024-25, we aim not only to share artistic tools but also to create a space for inclusive expression and participation.

Beyond the workshops, we aspire to establish deep connections with the Deaf community and their closest circles. This includes interacting with their families, friends, and other related contexts.

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