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Sea of Watercolours


A project dedicated to the revival and popularisation of watercolour art in Ukraine. It aims to create a vibrant platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their work, hone their skills and engage in cultural dialogue. The main activities include organising art exhibitions, conducting workshops and promoting intercultural exchanges. This initiative is aimed at a wide audience, with the aim of enriching cultural life and promoting inclusivity in the arts.

"Sea of Watercolours", initiated by the youth public organisation "Art Forge", is a cultural project aimed at the revival and popularisation of watercolour art in Ukraine. This project aims to create a strong international platform for watercolour artists to come together and raise the professional standards of the art by stimulating cultural exchange. The main goal of the project is to promote the recognition and development of watercolour art both in Ukraine and abroad. It is aimed at attracting young artists to exhibitions and workshops to share experiences and improve their skills. It also creates opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration between artists from different countries, promoting watercolour as a separate and unique artistic genre. In the context of Ukraine, a country with a rich cultural heritage, watercolour art remains an understudied and under-popularised aspect of the art scene.

One of the key challenges is limited access for young and talented artists to platforms to showcase their work and interact with industry professionals. It is also necessary to strengthen the ties between young artists and experienced masters, as well as to promote cultural identity and the international exchange of experiences in the arts. Sea of Watercolors solves these problems by creating a platform for creative exchange, exhibitions, workshops and other events that will support and develop watercolour art in Ukraine.

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