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"Signs" of Comic Interlude

Teatro tascabile di Bergamo - Accademia delle Forme Sceniche soc. coop. sociale
The Yoricks is a reflection on The End and a way to exorcise the fear of it through laughing. Six clowns, six skeleton-monks, gather together with angels, lions and horses to turn death into a surreal circus. A comic and grotesque version of the ancient Dance Macabre, now brought current to the pandemic context. The aim is to make the show accessible to deaf people by adopting the ISL simultaneously with the show, actively involving the deaf community in the accessibility construction process.

For the past year, Teatro Tascabile (Bergamo, IT) has been reflecting on how much its cultural work and the space inhabited (Carmine Monastery) are friendly to diverse and heterogeneous audiences. The attempts to deal with the accessibility process started by hosting a show by "Teatro La Ribalta", a leading company with disabled workers. Their "Superable" sold out on 07/01/2024 at the Monastery, with an audience of 90 people.

The investigation tackles the topic in a cross-sectoral approach (audiences and cultural workers who stage events in Carmine) converting to the main goal which is allowing different people and communities to get access to the emotions of the show (emotions accessibility).

This project focuses on two specific actions:

1) Emotions accessibility. Giving the opportunity, through ISL, to enjoy the show "The Yoricks. Comic Interlude" by TTB, establishing a meaningful discussion with the communities related to sensory disabilities: UICI Bergamo, Omero Bergamo and ENS Bergamo;

2) Accessible Communication. Started in Jan 2024 with newsletter, #tuoCarmine website, TTB social media, all updated to be accessible also by communities with sensory and behavioural fragilities. With the Up Grant project, TTB continues this task of providing access to physical, digital spaces.

How? Actively involving the disability working group of the Municipality of Bergamo in the creative process of making Carmine, its events and TTB repertoire fully accessible.

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