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Social Enterprise Usmejsa Without Barriers

Smile for others (Usmev pre druhych)

The project aims to create accessible ramps and platforms at two entry points of our Centre of social services, which includes a daily center for people with severe disabilities and social enterprise. Goal of the project is to facilitate easy access for individuals with mobility impairments. The project seeks to enhance accessibility and inclusivity within our community by eliminating physical barriers at the entry points of our centre.

Our project aims to establish an inclusive model community centre, which will serve as a pioneering initiative in Slovakia. This centre will prioritise accessibility and inclusivity for all individuals, particularly those with disabilities. The project will entail the renovation and development of infrastructure to ensure barrier-free access throughout the facility and in the surrounding infrastructure as well.

Additionally, the centre will feature inclusive amenities such as an inclusive playground, multifunctional sports areas, and educational zones with community garden and animal therapy zone designed to cater to diverse needs.

By creating an environment that fosters accessibility and inclusivity, our project aims to set a precedent for future initiatives and promote social cohesion within our community.

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