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Special Dance


Through a series of workshops and performances, the project opens up the possibility of dance and movement to create communication between artists, children with special needs as well as their families and friends. Project is a collaboration between 2 organisations, Babyfit, Neskorý zber and family Trulík under the umbrella of Babyfit. The project is focusing on disability as a different ability, recognized in the unfolding of creative potentials that are specific to each individual.

Babyfit , a non profit organisation, focusing on the field of developmental movement through education and arts over 20 years, have been developing awareness of somatic approach to movement and kinesthetic empathy as the base of intersubjective relation, beyond language and communication challenges.

The work with children with special needs has been in the centre of the attention for over a decade, through international and local projects. Long term collaboration with the organisation Neskory zber and family Trulík gave rise to Special Dance events. The aim of the project is to bring together children with severe disabilities and their families with professional dances in order to create the space to engage and connect through their bodies in the art of movement and dance.

The project includes workshops and performances. The main goals of the workshop is to open up potential (physical, mental and social ) through movement of others and to support the perception of space and body moving through space as well as individual and collective ways of expression. Performances are based on the experiences of the workshops including dance performance, storytelling, common play and interaction.

Awareness, kinesthetic empathy and common creation makes every – body“ equally valid. We plan to organise three workshops for families, two in Bratislava and one in Banská Bystrica and one performance in each city.

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