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The Afro-Mayores / Afro-Elderly

Afro-consciousness space association

The Afromayores project is one of the many artistic initiatives linked to the cultural centre Espacio Afro. At a time when, fortunately, more and more people are talking about what it means to grow old. It is essential to take into account those who, in addition to the usual problems, also have to deal with the problems of old age. As well as being away from their homeland.

The Afromayores memory and genealogy project is an audiovisual and photographic initiative promoted by Lucía Mbomío, Laurent Leger Adame and José Oyono. It was created to recognise the existence, needs and contributions of the afro-elderly people in Spain. The Afromayores project is one of the many artistic initiatives linked to the Afro-centred cultural and thought centre Espacio Afro. There is more to talk about what it means to grow old, it is essential that we take into account those who have issues of isolation and the usual problems of old age.

The fact of being far away from "what they know" and their homeland is also very isolating, as well as suffering from cultural gaps, language and administration related difficulties, racism, and in some cases xenophobia. It is important to know that their wishes and needs are often not met, especially considering that there is no multicultural and multi-ethnic perspective for the elderly.

This project aims at meeting their needs, addressing their vulnerabilities and aiding them in the environments/communities where they may feel isolated and excluded.

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