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Caritas Odesa UGCC Charitable Foundation

The project envisages the creation of a resource centre for people with disabilities and mental disorders and their parents. The training program will include speech therapy, development of daily living skills, physical therapy, psychosocial support, half-time psychologist sessions, group therapy sessions, etc. The staff will include a coordinator, social workers, psychologist, speech therapist, physical therapist, and rehabilitation therapist

Objective. Implementation of a comprehensive program of support for people with disabilities and people with mental disorders, including their parents and caregivers, covering various interventions using a variety of methods. The program includes life skills training to increase independence in daily activities, covering areas such as health, hygiene, public transportation and shopping.

Rehabilitation activities will focus on sensory integration, visual perception, memory and cognitive development and include speech and physical therapy. Services Training program Speech therapy for daily living skills Physical therapy Psychosocial support. Half a psychologist. Group therapy sessions Staff Coordinator Social worker Social worker Psychologist Speech therapist Physical therapist Rehabilitation therapist Child psychologist Co-financing The Foundation's resources and capabilities cover the following expenses: long-term rental of premises, staff salaries, information services, and transportation costs.

The term of activity From one year Funding from this competition is needed to create a sensory room.

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