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Training "What is Autism, ASD, ADHD & How to Contact Neurotypical People"

Our project is aimed at raising awareness of businesses, educational and medical institutions, etc. and improving interactions with people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Ukraine. It includes a series of interactive training sessions with discussions and practical exercises. Participants will learn to understand the portrait of people with ASD, recognize and adequately respond to various forms of self-stimulation, and establish effective communication with individuals with autism.

Our project, Training  "What is autism, ASD, ADHD and how to contact neurotypical people" is a comprehensive initiative aimed at bridging the communication gap between neurotypical and neurodiverse individuals in Ukraine. We focus on providing specialised interactive training to various professional groups, including healthcare workers, emergency services personnel, educators, and corporate employees. These trainings comprise immersive discussions, and practical exercises tailored to foster a deep understanding of ASD. Participants will gain insights into the psychological aspects of ASD, learning to identify and appropriately react to different self-stimulatory behaviours, thereby enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with individuals with autism.

The project is crucial as it addresses the widespread lack of awareness and misconceptions about ASD in Ukrainian society, often leading to stigmatisation and social isolation of people with ASD. By educating key professional groups, we aim to cultivate a more inclusive and understanding environment, paving the way for better social integration and reduced stigma for individuals with ASD.

Our approach is innovative in integrating the latest scientific and practical knowledge about ASD, making the learning process more effective and impactful. The project is relevant because it directly tackles the challenges faced by people with ASD in everyday interactions and promotes a more inclusive, empathetic, and informed society.

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