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Voices Unite: Crafting Cohesive Narratives Among Migrant & Local Youth in Şanlıurfa

Sosyal Uyum ve Girişimcilik Derneği (Social Cohesion and Entrepreneurship Association)

Our project aims to create a more inclusive and understanding community in Şanlıurfa, Turkiye. The project centres around empowering Syrian refugees and local Turkish youth to share their unique experiences and perspectives, fostering empathy, addressing misconceptions, and building bridges through the power of storytelling.

Despite ongoing efforts, misconceptions and communication barriers hinder the creation of a truly inclusive society in Şanlıurfa. Our project empowers Syrian refugees and local Turkish youth to become agents of positive change. We believe their stories can foster empathy, dismantle stereotypes, and celebrate diversity. This initiative directly aligns with the fund's goals by crafting inclusive narratives and building bridges between cultures.


  • Interactive Workshops (4 days total, we anticipate engaging 30 participants across workshops and 30 in the seminar)

  • Storytelling Workshops: Empowering Syrian refugee youth to articulate their migration experiences, fostering self-expression and building storytelling skills.

  • Peacebuilding Workshops: Equipping both refugee and local youth with the principles of conflict resolution, active listening, and collaboration to promote a more harmonious community.

  • Cultural Exchange Workshops: Facilitating meaningful dialogue, understanding, and connection between Syrian and Turkish communities

  • Production of Stories of Cohesion: - Short Film Creation: Capturing the stories, perspectives, and interactions of participants throughout the workshops, resulting in a powerful short film that showcases resilience, challenges, and shared hopes.

  • Commonly Known Mistakes Seminar -Featuring refugees, academics, and community leaders to address prevalent misconceptions, correct harmful narratives, and promote open, truthful dialogue

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