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Woodins Teen Studio

Charitable Foundation "Hope and Believe"

Thanks to the ongoing project, teenagers quickly master the necessary qualifications and get the opportunity to independently earn money through creative work. At the same time, teenagers can engage in creativity in their free time, without interrupting or disrupting the process of their main education at school or university. The need to earn money through one’s own labour is very relevant for Ukrainian teenagers aged 14-17 years. Today, there are almost no such opportunities in Ukraine.

The Woodins Teen Studio project was created on the basis of the Woodins marquetry workshop, whose products are successfully sold on ETSY, eBay and Amazon marketplaces. This is evidenced by more than 80 positive reviews of purchased works. Buyers of goods are located in various countries of the USA, Europe, America and Asia. Our project allows a teenager to earn money through tireless, interesting and creative work, in his free time from school and without leaving home.

We give the developing personality the understanding that work is not a punishment or a heavy duty. And first of all, the opportunity for self-realisation and creativity. The interest, pleasure and satisfaction that the master experiences when working on the panel gave me the idea of involving children in this creative work. In the process of making mosaic panels, many technological operations are used, many of which are quite capable of being done by a teenager. This includes basic work with graphic editors, and the process of cutting veneer on a laser machine, and the most exciting activity in the whole process is assembling individual mosaic elements into a single image.

The project is aimed at training and further employment of teenagers aged 14-18. Among those willing to take part in the youth program, 60% are girls and 40% are boys. Almost 90% of potential students come from low-income families. Since 2024, the Woodins Teen Studio project has its own website –

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