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Youth Echo

Youth Echo is a path that offers all young people in the area complete and intersectoral information and training through actions and interventions aimed at improving the inclusion of vulnerable young people. Youth Echo is a path that aims to offer reflections and sharing of ideas, which seeks to build a youth community that fuels the comparison and exchange of different skills and experiences.

Youth Echo:

- aims to facilitate the cultural and social development of young people's personalities, seeking to support their autonomous participation in civil society expressions and institutions.

- aims to enhance soft skills related to emotional intelligence: understanding the perception of one's own limitations; developing listening skills, as well as communication skills; fostering a sense of responsibility in young people.

- aims to engage young people and young adults in the community who have come from protective, foster, or community care settings to offer a different perspective to leave behind a narrative marked by uncertainty, frustration, anger, and escape.

- aims to produce podcasts as a tool to showcase the stories of young individuals that can be inspirational for other girls, boys, and adults in the community: projects, personal journeys, ambitions, struggles, and dreams that come true.

Through the use of digital storytelling, which represents an effective means to communicate experiences, to understand who the young people are, where they come from, and where they would like to go, providing a time and space where storytelling is at the centre, where girls and boys are protagonists of their lives, not spectators, the aim is to broaden perspectives to bring out potential and resources.

The project seeks to intertwine paths, bring together young people and adults, to foster a meaningful closeness and create a relationship.

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