European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

Art, Culture, Inclusion: Shaping Societal Change - Talk with Lisette Reuter

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On Friday, April 26th at 15:00 CET, our working group on Inclusion and Accessibility in Socio-cultural Centres held an interactive online talk with Lisette Reuter, founder and director of Cologne-based social entreprise Un-Label.

Un-Label operates in the field of inclusive art and culture through consulting, knowledge dissemination, artistic production, professionalisation of cultural practitioners, networking, advocacy, and research. Through this multi-layer action, their goal is to promote "inclusive openness" within the German and the European cultural landscapes.

Lisette too us through selected initiatives striving to normalise the active participation of people with disabilities as both creators and users of culture.

The event was facilitated by Sophie Dowden, coordinator of the working group.

Lisette Reuter has been working as a project manager, trainer, curator, and consultant in inclusive arts and culture at the international level since 2006. She is the founder and director of Un-Label, based in Cologne, Germany. As an expert on inclusion, she advises and supports cultural actors and organisations across Europe in the areas of accessibility and equal participation.

  • Watch the recording of the event here